Course Number: PSYC 001


How many times in the course of a day do we wonder about human behaviour? We shake our heads and ask why the person in the car ahead of us cut us off. We ask why it is that the person sitting beside us has his/her nose pierced. We try to explain why our boss blew up at a co-worker over an insignificant issue. We question the motives for our own actions. In the course of day it seems that we are challenged over and over again to explain the behaviour of those around us and indeed our own selves. Most often we do so in an ad hoc fashion, relying on our limited experience, our socialization and our own biases. Psychology is the field of study that examines human behaviour scientifically. This course will introduce the student to psychological theories of development and a variety of psychological research topics and behavioural issues including the biological bases of behaviour, learning and memory, development, psychopathology, social attitudes and behaviour. Students will be encouraged to be introspective and to apply what they learn to their personal behaviour in order to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

Students who have taken PSYC 008, PSYC 105 or are in the Early Childhood Education program cannot take this course.

This course is also offered through continuing education and online.

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